Pets & Loved Ones
...are always popular, like this framed poem that we did for 'Hero'.
A poem for a loved one or a beloved pet is always a thoughtful gesture, especially for an anniversary or birthday. It's a great idea for Christmas too!

However, if you do choose to commission a poem, you will need to tell us a few details. Not too many though. Most poems will be between 12 and 20 lines long so you need to give us enough to work with. Aim to select what's really important.
Again, when you commission a poem, you will need to give us a few details to give us something to go on. Important events like family get-togethers, are always nice to include, as are children that have played there - or are playing there still. What makes your garden special? What really matters to you?
How it Works
1. Simply fill in the form and tell us about your subject matter.

2. Martyn will write a poem, which we will then email to you for your approval.

3. If you like it, attach a copy of your chosen picture on your email reply and send it back. However please bear in mind that this image may need to be edited to make the finished product look nice within the frame. We will send you a photo when it's done.

4. If you are happy with the finished product, we will, upon receipt of your approval, issue a PayPal invoice for £25 plus postage and packing. (We would anticipate that this would be approximately £5.)

5. Once the PayPal invoice has been paid, the parcel containing your poem will be quickly despatched.
An Example Poem
© Copyright 2015: Martyn Green
Gardens are always a popular theme. A nice 'Summery' picture helps to lift the spirits all year round.
If loyalty were given form, Iíd swear it must be you
No person that Iíve ever known has ever been so true.
If ever I am feeling sad, perhaps a tad depressed,
I find, in tired fingers, a button nose is quickly pressed.
A pair of knowing eyes, warm and loving without guile,
Helps lift the heart and spirit, helps me answer with a smile!
Your presence makes my house a home, my family complete,
I feel a little better at the sound of padding feet!
To a Loyal Friend
You make my life seem brighter, more magical each day
And even walks are special when youíre beside me all the way.
You are my friend, my guard, my help when I am down
When all my moans are licked away, not answered with a frown.
You freely give your love to me and mine I give to you.
And loyalty? Yes, of that Iím sure, no other word will do!
Copyright Martyn Green
NOT for free distribution

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